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Services and Prices

A well-designed and built garden adds value to your property and makes an attractive selling point.

Free initial consultation up to 1 hour

Garden Design

Our plans can either be hand drawn or Computer– Aided Design (CAD) produced.

We can produce two or three dimensional models to give you the best sense of what your outdoor space can look like.

Garden design plans prices depends on size of the garden and complex of the design.

It starts from £250.

Master Plan starts from £350 up to 50 sq meter.

Maintenance Service​

“The best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow.”

Busy lifestyles don’t have to interfere with keeping your garden immaculate.
We will maintain your garden throughout the season.


General garden maintenance includes mowing your lawn, trimming edges, cutting hedges, pruning, weeding, tidying and power-spraying patios and decks.

​Our once-off maintenance fee is £22.50 per gardener per hour. Our minimum amount of time for each visit is based on 3-man hours.

For regural garden maintenance ​please

contact us for competitive weekly or

seasonal rates.


Landscape & Hardscape Installation​

All of our team members are qualified landscapers.

Price depends on the quantity and qualuity of hard landscape materials.

Save up to 75% off the price of a garden design order when you order a full landscaping service plan.


Container Planting and Aftercare

Small Space Garden Ideas

Containers are available in a range of styles, forms and colors.

Pots are from UK, Holland and Italy.

Planting Design

right plants in the right place
for year –round- interest

We give planting ideas to make your garden even more attractive, using only top quality plants.

We leave you with detailed instructions on how to look after your plants.

For additional service we offer planting and aftercare by our qualified horticultural staff.

Planting Design Plan from £120

The Perfect Gift

ready-made garden border design



The Gift package includes:

  • colored planting plan
  • plants list
  • after care information
  • postage fees


from £25

Gardening with KIDS

Not everyone know how to sow a seed or grow fruits and veggies. 

We offer to teach your children

You may just not have enough time to visit garden centres,shopping for bargains in gardening tools,seeds and pots... I deliver all that is needed in every visit for each young gardener. We will use recycled materials most of the time when it is possible.

Your ‘’little gardener’’ will keep a gardening diary about each projects, so we can follow our process and monitor our plants. Information on growing condition, light, soil, water, feed needs for each plant will be noted. We will monitor insects in the garden. And learn how to create a successful organic garden.


£35 per hour including materials

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