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At Cana we are passionate about gardens − designing them, building them, planting them and maintaining them. We have highly skilled and experienced teams who are expert in each of these specific areas.

In 2007 established and based in London.  Also established a sister company, Cana Garden Design , which is based in Warwick, Warwickshire but we have several landscaping projects across Europe.

Garden Design

Landscaping & Maintenance Services

Whether you have a small urban plot or tiny balcony, or have a large family garden in need of renovation, we will work with you to turn your outdoor space into your own personal haven.
Our plans can either be hand drawn or Computer– Aided Design (CAD) produced.

We do indoor and outdoor project design, installation and aftercare.

Special Packages

for all gardens

​Our ready-made garden border designs are ​​a perfect gift.

Our planting design provide a focal point in the garden to draw and charm the eye and produce a colourful garden scene.

right plants in the right place
for year –round- interest

Gardening with KIDS

all year-round

We believe that every single child is talented.

We teach children to learn about our environment,  gardening while helping them to  being creative  and prove their skills and ability.


''My ten-year experience of gardening with children has shown me how children are enthusiastic when engaged in gardening, while benefiting from proving to themselves they possess their very own abilities and skills.'' ~ Bridget - Little Pot Gardening


Gardening is not just an outdoor activity.
We can grow seeds in pots inside too.

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